Evaluate Functions and Expressions using the Personal Algebra Tutor ®

Evaluate Polynomials Using Synthetic Division. Given f(x),
- find f(n): Evaluate a Polynomial Function
- Find the Quotient Polynomial
- Find the Remainder
- Get a Step-by-Step Solution with Explanations

Main Screen:
Graph Rational Expressions

  1. In Task Box, select
    Functions and Polynomials
  2. Click Get Expression button
Takes you to next screen:
Polynomial Functions Setup screen
Polynomial Functions Screen

Polynomial Functions Setup Screen

  1. Select the Single Polynomial Function tab.
  2. Enter the Polynomial Function
  3. Enter the value to be evaluated at. In this case, find f(3).
  4. Click on the Find f(3) button.
If not using Synthetic Division,
Uncheck the "Use Synthetic Division" check box.

Takes you to next screen:
Next screen
The Evaluation by Synthetic Division result

Rational Expressions Screen

The Evaluation by Synthetic Division result

  1. The Numerator and Denominator
  2. The Synthetic Division Process
  3. The Remainder
  4. The Quotient Polynomial
  5. The Result of the Evaluation
Solve Quadratic Equation Screen
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