The Algebra Problem Solvers consists of two individual Algebra Problem Solving programs to provide the most complete solution to the algebra student. The Personal Algebra Tutor for general purpose algebra problems, and the Algebra Word Problem Solver that solves many of the common word problems. No other product(s) can provide these capabilities.
The Personal Algebra Tutor is a comprehensive algebra problem solver for solving algebra problems from basic math through college algebra and preCalculus. The user can enter his/her own problems to get step-by-step solutions. Additional topics generally that are commonly found in these courses such as matrices and determinants, trigonometry, sequences, statistics and more are included.
  • Solve Algebra Equations, Expressions, Functions, Polynomials, etc.
  • Graphs all step-by-step unlike all other programs
  • Contains user friendly input equation editor
  • Solves All problems step-by-step
  • Solutions for Basic Math, College Algebra, PreCalculus

Algebra Word Problem Solver - AWPS

The Algebra Word Problem Solver is a unique program that solves many types of Algebra word problems. It is the only program that can solve problems entered in simple English in a paragraph format. It interprets the word problems and converts it into equations that it then solves step-by-step. More than 30 types of algebra word problems can be solved by the solver.
  • Solves algebra word problems
  • Enter in English: Get algebraic solutions
  • Solves more than 30 Types of word problems
  • Solves Word problems step-by-step
  • Applies to Basic math through Algebra